Robin Gilbert

robin-gilbertRobin Gilbert has been co-Director of the Cheltenham Poetry Festival since 2013 and is a member of the Cheltenham Poetry Festival Players.   He wrote his first poem (over which a veil is discreetly drawn) when he was five and has been writing on and off ever since.  He regularly attends Buzzwords, Holub and New Bohemians, as well as meetings of the Cheltenham Poetry Society, of which he is a Committee Member.  He has two collections to his name – My Own Dragon (2006) and DaDa & the Dark Lady (2012) – and poems of his have appeared in several CPF and Cheltenham Poetry Society anthologies.  He also edited The Poetry of P.A.T.O’Donnell (2010) and Prospero’s Trilby – the youthful poems 1994-1999 of Sam Gilbert (2010).  In 2015, he won the Gloucestershire Prize in the annual Buzzwords national poetry competition and third prize in the annual Cannon Poets Sonnet or Not competition.         More on Robin