Special workshop offers

Combined workshop and poetry reading/performance offers from:
John Hegley – Ben Parker – Michael Scott – Tricia Torrington – David Clarke  

Jojohn-hegley-bhn Hegley workshop: Writing, Drawing, and Drawing out the Creative
Enjoy a creative workshop with The People’s Poet Laureate John Hegley. Bring a poem (by someone other than you), and a painting or photo to act as a trigger for new work. There will be mandolin playing as you are mulling and making!
Please note there is no parking near this venue and the room is reached by steps.

YOUR WORKSHOP PLACE CAN INCLUDE A TICKET TO JOHN’S THEATRE EVENT ON MAY 13. Described as ‘Fabulously funny’ and ‘Scandalously talented’, John’s performance is one of the Poetry Festival’s highlights. more information. Your Playhouse ticket will be confirmed by email and will be held under your name at the Playhouse Box Office. Total cost £24 — Separate cost £27 (workshop cost £15, Playhouse ticket £12)
Workshops must be booked in advance Tickets will not be available at the door.

John Hegley workshop    Cheltenham Lawn Hotel   Sun 14 May, 11:00AM – 1:00PM   book now

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a List Poem – Ben Parker Workshop
From passages in Homer’s Iliad to Wallace Stephen’s masterpiece 13 Ways to Look at a Blackbird, and beyond, list poems have proved a powerful and persuasive form of verse. Ben Parker, Poetry Editor of Critical Survey and the author of two acclaimed collections of poetry, leads this workshop in which you will explore the form and write your very own list poem.
YOUR WORKSHOP PLACE CAN INCLUDE A TICKET TO BEN’S POETRY READING  from his startling and energetic first collection The Amazing Lost Man AT 7 PM AFTER THE WORKSHOP.  Total cost £21 + 90p booking fee — Separate cost £24.80 (workshop cost £15, reading ticket £8 and two booking fees)

Ben Parker Workshop    venue:Tailors   Fri 5 May, 2:30PM – 4:00PM   Book Now

Michael Scott Workshop
How can we make our poetry artistically beautiful and stylistically surreal? In this innovative and inspiring workshop, we will explore the surreal through poems by Russell Edson, Amber Tamblyn, Cesar Vallejo, Dante and Rilke and learn how letting the imagination run wild can enrich our work. Michael Scott is the author of the visionary and experimental Little Usherette – a sellout chapbook with The Red Ceilings Press in 2016.
The event will be held in the PLAYHOUSE COMMITTEE ROOM
YOUR WORKSHOP PLACE CAN INCLUDE A TICKET TO MICHAEL‘S POETRY READING from from Little Usherette  AT 2 PM AFTER THE WORKSHOP. Total cost £20.90 — Separate cost £23.80 (workshop cost £15, reading ticket £7 plus two booking fees)

Michael Scott Workshop   venue: Playhouse   Sun 7 May 2017, 11:00AM – 1:00PM  Book Now

Tricia Torrington workshop: A Fresh Syntax
Acclaimed poet and print maker Tricia Torrington leads this inspiring poetry class. The workshop will take you through some new writing exercises, with an emphasis on imaginative language, ranging from thought-provoking use of metaphor to unusual and interesting editing techniques.
This event will take place in the PLAYHOUSE COMMITTEE ROOM.
YOUR WORKSHOP PLACE CAN INCLUDE A TICKET TO TRICIA‘S POETRY READING AT 7 PM AFTER THE WORKSHOP. Total cost £20.90 — Separate cost £22.80 (workshop cost £15, reading ticket £6 plus two booking fees)

Tricia Torrington workshop   venue: Playhouse   Mon 8 May, 2:30PM – 4:30PM   Book Now

Poetry and Politics: Workshop with David Clarke
The past few years have seen a revival of interest in poetry as a response to political developments and a renewed concern for the poet’s potential role in public debates over issues as diverse as austerity, Brexit, the environment and gender equality. This workshop, led by Nine Arches poet David Clarke, will look at some examples of political engagement by contemporary poets and help you to think about the different approaches that writers are taking to this material. It will also help you to think about the multiple meanings that ‘the political’ might have in relation to the writing of poetry, and to find your own voice for talking about the issues that concern you.
YOUR WORKSHOP PLACE CAN INCLUDE A TICKET TO DAVID‘S POETRY READING AT 5 PM ON THE DAY OF THE WORKSHOP. Total cost £20.90 — Separate cost £23.80 (workshop cost £15, reading ticket £7 plus two booking fees).

Workshop with David Clarke   venue: St Andrew’s Church   Sat 13 May, 11:00AM – 1:00PM   Book Now